Available in May on FUN: the MOOC "Internet Measurements: a Hands-on Introduction", by Inria.

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The MOOC "Internet Measurements: a Hands-on Introduction" will be available soon on the platform France Université Numérique.

It will be taught by Timur Friedman from UPMC and Renata Teixeira from Inria.

This course is taught in English and will cover internet measurement basics, including network topology and routes; connectivity, losses, latency, and geolocation; bandwidth; and traffic measurements; with hands-on exercises on PlanetLab Europe.

It will be available from May, 23, to June, 26, 2016.

This course is of interest to a wide range of people: system or network operators, designers of applications or services running over the internet or just curious end-users who would like to better diagnose problems.

The prerequisite for this course is a level of understanding of internet technology that comes from an advanced undergraduate course or a first Masters course in networking, or equivalent professional experience.


Week 1 : Introduction

Week 2 : Topology and routes

Week 3 : Connectivity, losses, latency, and geolocation

Week 4 : Bandwidth

Week 5 : Traffic measurements

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27 juin 2016
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