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Workshop "The Future of Nanosatellites"

Nanosatellites are changing the paradigm of space exploration and engineering. The past 15 years have seen a growing activity in this field, with a marked acceleration in the last 3 years. Whereas the educational value of nanosatellites is well recognized, their scientific and technological use has so far not been demonstrated so clearly. The same is true for their societal relevance.

Conventional attitudes towards space engineering need to be reviewed in light of the capabilities and characteristics of these miniature devices that enable approaches and applications not possible with traditional satellite platforms. Telling is the arrival of new actors on the scene, including universities, research laboratories, and small businesses. Taken together this requires that new business models be defined.

This two-day workshop proposes seminars, round table discussions and brainstorming session in order to imagine together how miniaturized space missions may evolve over the next 30 years.

Organized by the Grenoble University Space Center (