Keeping up the game: Fighting the flu virus

With :

Joanna Wandzik
(Predoctoral fellow EMBL)

Sissy Kalayil
(Postdoctoral researcher EMBL)

Flu is notorious for keeping us in bed for a few days every winter. Do you know that flu is responsible for up to half a million deaths worldwide every year? Let's discuss how these smart viruses infect us and how they multiply within our cells and escape vaccines and drugs. We will tell you a story about “flu polymerase”, a viral machine that hijacks the human cells to produce millions of copies of the virus? You will be impressed to know how these viruses can constantly come up with new strategies to trick us and how our scientific research helps us to keep up the game!

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Pint of Science - Grenoble

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Kiltin' Pub
13 Rue de la Poste, Grenoble, France
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