Using a data driven approach for comprehensive Life Cycle Assessment and effective eco design of the Internet of Things: taking LoRa-based IoT systems as examples

Ernesto Quisbert-Trujillo, now researcher at the G-Scop laboratory (Grenoble INP-UGA), will be presenting his work on methodologies for assessing the frugality of IOT-type connected devices, through the specific case study of a sensor designed to control water consumption in a domestic environment. “All our findings are discussed with a view to contributing to the state of the art in terms of the environmental impact of the use of complete IoT systems and their sustainable design,” stresses Ernesto Quisbert-Trujillo. His paper with Youla Morfouli, full professor at Grenoble INP-UGA, as been published in the frame of Nanoelec/Humain Capital & Training Design program.