Junior Scientist and Industry annual meeting

The Junior Scientist and Industry annual meeting (JSIam) is a one-day event dedicated to junior scientists (PhD students and post doc) and industry members. It is an excellent opportunity for both to get to know each other. It's the occasion for industry members to keep up to date with new research results in the academic environment, but also to find new skills and to identify potential future employees for their businesses. Simultaneously, junior scientists can form a better idea about their opportunities to integrate the industrial world and to discover other possible career paths.


If you are a post-doc or PhD student on the GIANT campus, this event is for you! Participation to this event is completely free. Therefore if you are a junior researcher with a dynamic/creative personality looking for your future career in the industry, join us for this opportunity to extend the social network that will help you get your future job! The registration form for PhD student and young researchers for the 10th edition of JSIam that will take place on March 16th, 2018 will be available next year. If you are a professional/industry expert and are looking for new ideas to solve your industrial issues, JSIam gives you the opportunity to meet many young and brilliant researchers with amazing creativity.

More information and free registration on our website!